Sunday, December 03, 2006

West Palm Half Marathon December 2006

The heat index 1 hour into the race was 87. Luckily, about the first 1/3 of the half marathon was along the intercoastal and we had a slight breeze that at least psychologically made it seem less hot and humid.

A quot from a local elite woman runner doing the half. Sonia Friend-Uhl said: "Miles 9-13 was a death march for foot in front of the other. I think at Mile 11 I got real dizzy. That is probably the worst I have ever felt. I'm just glad I finished today. That was hard...I hit my boundary line today. Anybody got an IV on them?"

Yanni and I started out together shooting for 8 min/miles, which we did for at least the first 2 miles. I had to let Yanni go ahead of me around mile 4 in that I miscalculated the pre-race hydration and had to make a pee stop. From mile 5 to 9 my time slowed to the mid 8:30s range. The last 3 miles I started to flag and dropped into the low 9 min/miles range. I would have continued to slow, but I ended up running near a guy in a pink tutu. There was no way I was going to finish near some dude in a pink dress, so I picked up the pace to beat him by a minute or so. My finish time was 1:50:57. Given the heat and humidity, I'm satisfied with the time. Yanni ran a 1:47:23 or there abouts.